Fay Slimm.





Tree Towns.


No powerful ruler resides in their midst.
No outlaw corrupts their peaceful aura.

Though surrounded by noise of submission
to chaos and police control no wars
exist in settled tree-tethered kingdoms.

Voices of ownership will flaunt no issue in
tree towns where weather owns
the only important and permanent role.


Weakly offspring find special care among
tree-population, they get cool places of shade
in summer and in winter\'s raw cold
shawls of dry warming leaves.

Though some saplings wither despite more
gifts of root-feed others will heal
by constant awareness and therefore thrive.

Some of their number fall to be shaped
into fences or chalets, chairs or dining tables,
and some become tiny matches for strikes
yet none will complain.


Others remain to grow mighty in years,
sheltering life and spreading root nutrition to all
they silently phrase secrets of life.

Words such as hate are not needed by trees
in their country of freedom to be assistants
yet towers of special self-presence.

Respecters of other yet mansions of service
tree-towns, unlike ours, believe in kind handling
and trust in contentment\'s valued results.


Long live the access to non-speak

wisdom found in all towns of trees.