If I could, I’d go exploring with you

Somewhere where we’d never been before and we could adventure together and it would be wonderful.


If I could, I’d take you out for a meal and we’d argue about whether to get a starter or desert and in the end we’d get both because we love each other too much to really argue.


If I could, I’d go for a walk with you

and I’d pack a picnic but forget the plates so we’d eat sandwiches with bits of grass and we’d laugh and go and get ice cream.


If I could, I’d spend lazy days with you, we’d watch poldark and laugh and in the end neither of us would really be watching the screen.


If I could, I’d make you go shopping with me so I never have to be alone again and you wouldn’t complain even if you felt like it and you’d tell me I looked good in everything even if we both knew that I didn’t and you might even come into M&S with me and not complain.


If I could, I would.


But I can’t, so I can only offer you my words and bad jokes and a smile through a phone screen.

And that has to be enough. It isn’t, but it has to be.


But one day, we’ll wake up and the news will come that we’re free again to go out and we will have the best time in the world; because we will finally appreciate our freedom. And it will be wonderful.