Saying I Love You and Not Really Meaning It

Caught in the lips is a three word phrase

LOVE must not be named before it calls itself to light

For it is LOVE that takes hold of anyone’s sight

Sending men and women into blissful craze

She dances in the sound of it escaping his lips

He grasps at the feeling of it surrounding her hips

Strutting into the sentence like a blindfolded maze

Two star-crossed “likers” walking into the trap

LOVE is not the name for what they feel inside

Lust is untamed and behind a false name it hides

Wildly playing a movie of their souls

Casting two “likers” in lovers roles

Decay and folly await the fools who hastily slap

The name of LOVE on their life road map

Love must not be named before it calls itself to light

Two likers in love from each heart take a bite

Leaving behind their tales of woe,

Only to find another liker to call bough

Broken, beaten and tired of the pain

One liker finds a way to remove the love stain

Washing their hands of the gorey mess they left behind,

The liker moves on after they fleshly dined.