Fay Slimm.

How Many.



How Many.


How many dawns shall a gull\'s wings
carry night\'s shiver enough
miles to lift and dip beak\'s gaping hunger
at sea aiding eyes to catch something
which eaten keeps feathered hearts warm.


How many dusks will a new wife\'s lips
hopefully open on same
ocean as similar need fills with ache
a heart missing harbour-safe kisses
as his overdue boat battles fierce storm.


How many tides could it take to renew
resolute faith as starved eyes
search time and again empty horizons,
re-scanning each mile for love\'s food
sailing in late with her sailor on board.


How many hours can be spent praying
for courage to shake away dread
and feed on the times when fishermen,
heavy with haul set homeward again
knowing a woman waits bravely in port.