Fay Slimm.

Twice Stirred.




Twice Stirred.


Suspended at doors of rigid, well-defined
thought ineptly hangs whimsy,
which poets unlatch and employ to instil
flight from imprisoned minds.


Scribes delight in beguile with the imagined
indifference to where reality ends
for fancy begins as wonder sews metaphor
alongside truth while awed muse 
captures and paints make-believe dreams
from perceived evidence for pen 
can catch assonance in sunsets and invest
every dawn with imagery-gems.

Writers see notions in extra dimensions that
bolster excitement for romantics
who cling to ethereal and give idealized zeal
to lateral views with beauty
suffusing surreal through word-spontaneity
so Utopia, being twice stirred
appears authentic and Eden itself no illusion.


Praise for all scribes who invest much time 

     by painstakingly guiding those poetic minds      

            who will delight in transcending normal life.