I\'ll see you

I\'ll see you when the clouds have passed 

A fractured world in plaster cast 

Has forced us many hundred miles apart 

I\'ll see you by the ocean view 

Hold tightly as your love cuts through 

the echo chamber hollow in my heart 

I\'ll see you when the sun appears 

Dry all those isolated tears 

Engulf my body in your gentle sway

A walk along the river\'s edge 

A blanket put down by the hedge 

Is where our mated souls will once more lay 

I\'ll see you where the mountain quakes 

Swim over all the deepest lakes 

To reach my rightful place there by your side 

I\'ll see you when the moon is bright 

Take on Goliath in a fight 

Emotionally I have nowhere left to hide 

I\'ll see you soon in better days 

We\'ll set old mother earth ablaze 

My feelings surely come as no surprise 

I\'ve missed you now for quite some time 

A punishment to fit the crime 

I see you every time I close my eyes