Close to where we now live is a Woodland Area. Normally - in the Spring we would have guided Woodland Walks - guided by those who have volunteered to conserve it under the guidance of the Woodland Trust. The display of BLUEBELLS - in the Sunset is breathtaking !  It is a haven for other Wild Flowers & Trees - Birds - Mammals - Insects - Fungi etc etc. Such Areas are an important part of the English Heritage and need to be preserved and protected and protected against Vandalism & Urban Development !


B LUEBELLS are opportunistic & ephemeral flowers

L ove to appear in Spring to grace our bowers

U nlike other flowers - she takes her chance

E specially when the competition*s scance !

B LUEBELLS thrive - when there are gaps - in canopy above

E xploit the sunlight to create - the Bluebell Show - we love !

L ovely in shape - in colour & in size

L akes of shimmering Blue - captivate our Eyes !


Thanks for visit comments welcome Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛


Angela & I love Bluebells and we have an area at the bottom of our new Garden - under the trees. When I doing an Open University BSc Degree there was a Unit on ECOLOGY.  I chose *Bluebell Zonation as my project. It examined the factors (such as sunlight - competition - trees etc) which influenced growth. Some of these are mentioned in the Video.