Remind Me


Remind me of the first time I encountered You.
Remind me of the day I said I love You too.
Remind me of the of those times I felt helpless, lost and You\'re not distant.

Remind me of the love, so strong, so close to You;
those nights I cried for Your presence
just to be with You.
Remind me if I’d fall that You will catch me
just like what You’ve done before.

Let me remember what I’ve said to You before
The promise of my soul

That I will go to East and West,
to the North and South, I will always follow You.
In times that You would hide Your face,
I will trust You and place my hope in You.
I will seek your face in the hills and valleys.
Remind me Lord!

You’ll never leave nor forsake me,
that’s Your promise.
I believed, so I said, \"I’m completely ruined\".
I was tempted, I have sinned, You loved me still.
You were there and You still believe in me.

Every moment of the day– every hour,
 every minute and every second, 
help me tell the Word to remind the world
of Your glorious promise for our souls.


– Remind Me Lord, 2017