Ethan Daniel


I’ve had space and time to realise

That the pain I feel was not from you,

It was from me not being able to compromise

That change is inevitable and I should make do.


It’s like you’re an apparition roaming around

But you’re alive and walking past me alone,

What do I do?


You want me to leave you alone forever

But I just want a reason why things change.

I’m not perfect, my emotions are naked with you.


I keep up my guard even when talking to God

But you have the keys to unlock my thoughts,

When I’m with you it has never been a facade

Although being vulnerable let you kill me.


I guess this is me letting go of us forever,

It’s no longer a fight I can take without dying.

My heart grows weak and I have to move on,

I thought if I was strong for us both you’d return.


All I can say is thank you for helping me grow,

Thank you for the memories I will cherish...

Thank you for being my bestfriend.


I will never be the same without you

And I cry everytime I hear your name,

You don’t know what you meant to me.

But as long as you stay happy

And you keep striving for your dreams.


I will never burden you ever again,

Achieve what I know you can

And show the world the you I got to know.


Goodbye forever,

Your once bestfriend.