The corona catastrophe

Silently shrill
a silent chill
seems to have run down the spine
of our blue planet windmill
So many deceased
Too many ill
mounting and surmounting
the healthcare bill
Breathing for many
is like climbing uphill
or like panting on
your home treadmill
And it\'s frightening when
there is nil a pill.
A minute invisible
virus doth kill .
Pray to God for mercy
bow and kneel!
Many are dying
without a will
It\'s safer to stay home
by the window sill
The world seems to have come
to a standstill
You now have time to sharpen
your poetic quill
In lockdown pray
and ink still spill
You may hone
your poetic skill
Until the virus
has had its fill.
Corona they say feels like drowning
like a fish without a gill
for we can\'t breathe
like the eel or krill.
In mouths hot water
flush and swill
Exterminate this virus?
only God can and will.