Cold drab and dreary lost lonely and weary it can become very scary.

Winter, a dreaded season of depression, misplaced aggression wearing

numerous false expressions.


The beginning years filled with fears, unreliable peers and unstable

careers making you shed a million tears.


From starting out young, very high strung often finding yourself in the

dung, from many a slip of the tongue. And loving to play building

foundations on clay, it swings, it sway, soon it\'s all taken away.


Nonetheless a learning process, some can only guess while others think

life\'s a game of chess but even through the strife and through the stress

true success come to those who know their blessed.


Once you discover, life\'s no good living undercover. You look, you listen

you learn true life must be earned and get back a beautiful return.


Winter, a dreaded season, the blessed find the rhyme and find the

reason, spread their wings, do the thing then a lovely song their

lives will start to sing.


Stepping out of winter into spring. Don\'t stay in winter. Do The Thing.