The Sole Survival

Winter turns to spring

Seasons change aesthetics 

And I am alone 


Flowers bloom

They are pollinated 

And I am alone   


Birds hatch in tiny nests

They sing every morning

And I am alone   


Children play

They laugh and they grow 

And I am alone   


Each day the sunrise 

Becomes a sunset 

And I am alone   


A tv displayed

Before a couch made for two

And I am alone   


The curtains drawn at night 

And opened up to morning light

And I am alone   


Quiet evenings start blurring together 

The hums and creaks of upper rooms

And I am alone   


Busy humans on their lunch break

Phones pressed to cheeks

And I am alone  


And there you were

Withdrawn and fascinating 

And you were alone 


And I thought

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad

To be alone together