Lockdown voyage!

Locked down!

Faces etched with frowns -

Our world shrinks

To the sum of our homes,

But minds free to roam.


Where to go?


World framed by a window pane

Room to room - couch to bed

But darker journeys in my head!

Imagination sets sail

Tossed in a sea of pain

Of loss, of fear, of those held dear,

Passing islands of despair

To see the anxiety locked in there.


What to do?


Read and write

An hour on the bike?

Bake and rake

An hour to jump and shake?

A drink - a brew

Binge watch a movie or two?

Weep and cry

For those who die?


Breathe in - breathe out

Bring that vessel about!


For darkness find light

For pain find comfort

For despair find hope

For anxiety find serenity

Captain your mind to navigate your destiny!