mystic flower

one day i will fly away

One day I\'ll fly away

One day I\'ll fly away
Away from your love, being a mystery
Leaving me in your dreams
Please never try to find me

All the captivating memories
Will fade away with me
With all our plans and our desire
The way you used to tell me
How much you love me
Please don\'t express to anyone else

The scars your love gave me
And the pain I swallowed every night
The wire of love you used to bind me with
And the room you used to make love with me in
Will be left empty with the sound of your love

The twinge I received from your love
I never understood whether I am supposed to adore it or was it a menace
But your definition of love is far different than the love of the birds outside the windows

One day I\'ll fly away
Like the birds outside the window
But I won\'t be returning to your nest of love
Leaving you all alone

One day I\'ll fly away
Away from your cage
For I understand that this is not loved,
I beg you not to love to this verge
Because others won\'t be able to understand