Squabbling babble

I have 3 squabs....no make that 4

each with an age gap between them

each with different needs

different set of emotions 

a new set of rules 

a new task awaits me from my little squabs


\'Mum!!!\' It wasn\'t me?

\'Mum\' can I have?

\'Mum\' he hit me, but it wasn\'t me!!!

\"He took my top\"

\"But he took my sock\'s\"

I sit and hold my ears and bite my lip

\"Can I get a break from my charming squab\'s??\"

one glass of red or maybe Two!!

im not drunk just numbed enough to shut out the noise 

just enough for me block out the screams and the squabbling 


Another year passes

things don\'t change

just a different set of issues as my little squabs get older

Not yet old enough to understand what everything means

Not yet old enough to understand just because  \"I said so\"

\"That\'s not fair\" they say

\"it\'s not circus either\" I say

 But OMG is all I get


So now they\'re teenagers

theyre funny little things

so full of fun, love, hate and anxiety all rolled into one

 ☝️ just one word I dare you

and guess what?

yep you guessed it.....

a mouthful comes my way

swear words for all to hear

words I\'ve never even heard

im only 46yrs of age and I\'ve never even heard of you \"melt\" 

Have you seen the time I say as my squabs tiptoe up the stairs 

As they vomit up that dodgy keb

laying in their own pee as they didn\'t quite make the loo

I gather up the bits and bobs and throw them in their rooms 

their shoes, coats, jumpers and silly bits I\'d usually 

put in the bin but if I did they\'d shout real loud

\"That\'s my little thing that goes in the thingame bob\"

clean that room!!!

OMG that\'s another story altogether 

quick!! Where\'s me glass of red!! 🍷