Some Day

An urge

A bubbling eruption rising from the depths of fear

A burning declaration desperate for the world to hear

A flaming feeling with an irrepressible ascent

The strength and will to say \"I can do anything\"

Beaten down by the rains of restraint

The fury of a demon held back by the patience of a saint

The conflict between confidence and arrogance

The need to scream chained by a call for balance

But the phoenix breaks through even the barrier of death

A raging inferno growing hotter with every breath

\"I can do anything\" those words that sear the sky

\"I can do anything\" those words that let you fly

Every person on this earth

Every living thing

None of them are beyond our reach

Believe even in the light of the firefly

Believe in that budding glow that can kindle the night

A million fireflies will become the sun\'s light

A hope that shatters the walls of reality

An urge that silences all doubts

A blinding shine that makes you ignore the odds

Like a moth to candle, rushing towards your goal

Believing past belief, hoping past the hopeless

Nothing in this world is beyond your reach

Everyone can be saved, every life can be spared

No matter how ludicrous it sounds or how ridiculous it feels

Clutch that dream close to your heart because it\'s what makes everything real

Bleeding color in your eyes, wiping away the grey

Knowing that all you things you long to achieve

Will be fulfilled some day