MY DAD IS A NEWSPAPERMAN ~ So I was introduced to CROSSWORDS from an early age. Anagrams - Inclusions - Synonyms - Languages etc etc.   You start with the Easy Clues - which add letters to the grid and makes the harder ones more accessible. The same is true of Life !  My DADS Mantra is always *Accentuate the Positive - Eliminate the Negative and never  sit on the Fence !*  In life(and in Crosswords) when you find the right answers you can make progress !  One of my favourite CLUES is *Leads a hand to mouth existence and is finally trodden underfoot (9)*  Answer  CIGARETTE ! Crosswords - Scrabble - Literature & Languages are appropriate activities for would-be Poets ! Love to All ~  ANGELA & BRIAN   💛💛💛


OUR LIVES are just like a Cryptic Crossword

With Clues across and also downward Clues

Some Clues are easy ~ some are  quite absurd

The easy tasks ~ the first in LIFE we choose !


With Clues across and also downward Clues

Each Clue we solve adds letters to the grid

The easy tasks ~ the first in LIFE we  choose

The answers to the hard tasks ~ lifts the lid !


Each clue we solve adds letters to the grid

In LIFE we learn by progress that we make

The answers to the hard tasks ~ lifts the lid

Sheds light upon ~ each future step we take !


In LIFE we learn by progress that we make

Enigmas solved allow us move on 

Sheds light upon ~ each future step we take

On day - we know - we*ll solve the FINAL ONE !


Enigmas solved allow us to move on

Some clues are easy ~ some are quite absurd

One day - we know - we*ll solve the FINAL ONE

OUR LIVES are just like ~ a Cryptic Crossword !


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