Saxon Crow

New History

So everyday has become the same

People not learning the rules of this game

Children now taught a different lesson

People are diseased go nowhere near them

Elderly folk look on in fear

While the fat cats in power

Shed fake tears

The \'new normal\' isnt normal at all

Stay safe, protect lives, the peoples role call

And so we plod on in this camp of concentration 

Where freedom now means incarceration 

Blindly we obey without opposition 

A new holocaust for a new generation

Its a slippery slope and we have slid all the way down

It happened so fast that we didnt look around 



There is hope in this story, a victory unseen

A lot start to question the media machine

What we were told is now bought to light

Our blind obedience has given us sight 

The story remains the same tone of fear

While, actually, the truth is, we are all still here

The skies are bluer than ever before

People are people no matter what

The children are stronger than anyone thinks

The resilience of humanity

Shines past any fear

Our boldness of heart

Our strength to endure

Our adaptable natures 

Are a universal cure

We stand tall, united as one

Our oppressors are scared

And have gone on the run

So take heart in these times of fake woe

There is a new normal

But not the one they have shown

So where we go one we finally go all

So be brave dear friend 

And watch the treachery unfold

Then you will see what is and will be

A universal moment of new history