Samreen Chowdhury

A pretty soul.

An incomplete soul,

A gap in the heart,

A stab in emotion.


Every inch of my body is tightened,

Twisted, relentlessly,

Sabotaging my inner peace dug deep in.


As I shut my eyes,

I fear the darkness, and the woe of intense grief, misery and sorrow.


Don’t pity me.

I’ll do it on my own.

Don’t come near me,

I got this on my own.


They let this upheaval, but this advsersity will be annihilated. And I will not be fastered. Because to this higher power I am fastened. And you can break me but someone else will peice me. 

I am indeed perturbed but through this heart wrenching trauma, I will break through. And you cannot conceal my wounds because of how skin deep cut they are. But for sure they will speak. 

They will speak and they will be scars of wisdom, strength and how time has elapsed.