A passing lyric

Black lives matter

I stand with you 

I\'ll hold your hand 

I\'ll share my home 

I\'ll share my land 

For nothing is different 

not in my eyes 

wee see the hatred 

we see the lies 

you are not the problem 

in this world so controlled 

we are sick of this agenda

it\'s getting so old 

your skin may be dark

and mine may be light 

but it\'s not about 

who\'s black and who\'s white 

it\'s about us as people 

standing as one 

there is room enough on earth 

for every man and his son 

we all felt the anger 

and started to seethe

\"my neck hurts

my stomach hurts


as a united family 

we could all see 

the world dragged back 100 years 


end this now 

racism must shatter 

and scream it louder

black lives matter.