T HE UMBRELLA MAN ~ Is a dying breed

H is Gamp is black - His Suit - His Bowler Hat

Each weekend He is on the LINKS in TWEED !


U MBRELLA MAN - like my Great-Grandpa JULIAN

M eet Him today - folk would all say

B limy that chap*s Antideluvian !

R etro style - it makes one smile

E xcept Pawnbroker SOLLY

L ooks like the Ghost from Christmas Past

L ike a true Edwardian  Black Suit & Hat & BROLLY !

A nd should COVID spark it - Black Toilet Rolls - Black Market 


M ans transport has evolved - from Hobby Horse to Jaguars

A Banana Leaf held high - to keep him dry

N OW much more smart - Black Rolled-up PARAGUAS!


Even when I was young (1980s) - some Businessmen still carried rolled UMBRELLAS - but one seldom sees them today ! If they have a Brolly it is a Mini Foldup Model - carried in the pocket or briefcase ! Some Ladies still have a Brolly but seldom BLACK !   PARAGUAS is a Spanish Word ~ Against the Waters as is the French - PARAPLUIE ~ Against the Rain. The German REGENSCHIRM = RAIN SCREEN.  The linguisitic origin of the English Word UMBRELLA is from the LATIN - UMBRA = SHADE ! So an UMBRELLA can be A RAIN SHADE or A SUN SHADE - PARASOL (Spanish = Against the Sun !).  The photo with the Poem is of Mr & Mrs Neville Chamberlain. He was UK Prime Minister from 1937 to 1940. As an English Gentleman he always carried a tightly rolled UMBRELLA and Hitler is reputed to have made Jokes about it ! 

Chamberlain tragt immer einen Regenschirm fur die Fall - das Grossbritannien einen Sturm uberhalt ist !

Chamberlain always carries an Umbrella in case - Great Britain is invaded by a Storm !