Clock King

The Burden of Heart and Mind

The heart and the mind beat as one fundamentally,
Though not always does the mind know how to react.
For the burden of these things it comes subconsciously
and the burdens of our past keep our mind cracked.
The heart knows what the heart wants,
but its not always the best for the body or soul.
The mind is a graveyard memories and traumatic holes.
The vestigial of these is what scares and haunts.
For one to walk down that which he knows is right
and not to have his mind fall apart is a tremendous thing.
With negative experiences largely marked they do give fright
and wear and tear the person making him question everything.
One foot in front of the next he must not allow the False visions clarity
he must remain true, strong and not falter under their guise.
the mind only wants two things; love and serenity.
The man must look into the situation with his own eyes.
Then and only then, When he has all the information
may he come to understand the full situation.