Poetic Dan

Built for this!

We don\'t expect to see firefighters fearful of a blaze

You won\'t want your Doctor to be nervous before an operation

It would be no good if a police officer didn\'t like the dark

Now,  if you hired a specialist they should not be afraid of their job

This is about vibrations and you can never lie to the dog

They are authentic to the core, knowing our inner emotions

Knowledge will gain understanding but not without any trust

This is no game to them, its a matter of life or death

Many, if not all are willing to rescue or help a once unbalanced animal!
Although can you see the same in our own species?

Let me tell you why it\'s in my blood to find it..

Leaving home at 14 too young to work I did what I had to in order to earn that money, this obviously ended the way most do. Close to jail!

Luckily once I became the age to legally earn, I took every job I could upon this earth!

Many moons later over 20+ careers paths on, I was a father of two having come to the understanding I would just plod along.

Yet between my 4 year old son and seeing the Dog Whisperer on TV, I was in a daze because I was told of the idea of my son having ADHD, autism or ADD!

Within no time I could rewind my dreams, from the psychologists of the past, to Cesar Milan on TV. My head was full of a better understanding, able to see a future I was in control off!

That was over 10 years ago and I\'m more determined than ever, this is my purpose in life and I\'ll never give it up!

We are all doing the best we can do but sometimes we need to know when to make a new move..

I once thought that other \"professionals\" offering no hope, would make me look better but the fact is it actually adds to more confusion, when a person feels no one can help or understands their frustration..

We are in the age of information and we each have a responsibility to ensure that if we truly want change, we should be truthful and authentic in everything we do and not just say.....

This is not a career for the money, it\'s a choice to be a service for all life!

I\'ve been called many things over all my years, I still listen to none of them!

I am me and doing what life has trained me to do, listen and teach.

Together we can make a ripple for generations to see.