PATIO 💛 POND 💛 PARADISE ~ A 4 6 4 4 2 VIGINTI (20 Lines)


A GARDEN POND gives a Garden focus

Just fill a hole with water ~ theres no hocus pocus

Add some healthy Water Plants & wishes 

And then ~ when all is harmonised ~ the Fishes !


To keep the water aerated ~ cool

You need to add a Waterfall ~ to your Garden Pool !

A Garden Pool can satisfy the senses

Scent & sight & sound ~ A Pool intenses

A see-through mesh to cover ~ to deter the Birdies

They see a pond ~ and their Fish Supper ~ there is !


A fish Pond is an asset to any humble plot

Just like a bright log fire improves a room a lot.

When we bought the House ~ the  Patio Pond was stagnant

But Brian has installed a Fall ~ and now its very fragrant 


Smokeys very good and loves to watch the Fish

Enjoying from the poolside ~ but never on His Dish !

We have lots of Dragonflies ~ very iridescent 

And frogs who croak & croak & croak ~ their sound is incessant !


So if you want to give your Garden ~ WOOOOOOOW 

Dig a Pond ~ and fill it up ~ and do it NOOOOOOOW !


Thanks for visiting comments welcome ~ Angela & Brian 💛💛💛