Can’t Sleep!

Can’t sleep, brain won’t sleep

Too many thoughts run deep

Come on cerebrum your day is done!

Unable to sleep is no fun!

Thoughts race around Brainshatch

Chasing sleep I cannot catch!

Why? Why does sleep evade me?

Too many thoughts to leave be,

Too hot, too cold, plans afoot

For a future currently caput!

A day producing unbearable ennui

Followed by a night that is sleep free!

How to tire this frontal lobe ?

At 3am - as dawn wakes the globe-

Allow the word smith to compose-

Allow this verse of words to dispose

The thoughts inside my head-

Record in rhyme from my bed!

Now with fingers tightly crossed

No more sleep from this night is lost!

As now I have recorded all of them! -

Whilst I couldn’t sleep - yes - at 3 am!