Ethan Daniel

Agapi Mou

North Star that sparkles bright in the sky,

Why so dull and faded tonight.

Your crimson tears paint the night as you cry,

Yet you still shine bright your light.

I endlessly trek through time trying to justify,

Why agapi mou you’re giving up the fight.


I can’t lose you. I refuse to let you go.

So reach out and grab my hand and glow.


The blood reds conquer the sky in pain,

The ocean blues flood the earth in fear,

Your pearly white smile frees all from sorrow.


You’re my everything don’t forget that.

Because I could never forget you.


When your light begins to diminish,

Just look around to see

The people you love looking upto you in glee.

You’re never alone I’m always here for you,

My North Star in the night sky above.