THE SEARCH (For My wife)


I have my hands cupped in my cheeks,
Looking at how time run past and fast,
Taking all the notes as each moments dictate,
Without hoping to leave any one for a later year.
As I know it runs fast than can be catched

I have searched the world of search
Hoping to find the best of the searchs
At a time when life turn to a riddle
And every one played as it tickled up and down
And the moment was just for one to carry a cross
And neglecting the furrow of horror that may occur.

All I had gathered were unprintable events,
That in the coming years I would\'ve shed tear in sorrow,
And blame my stars that I have carried a misfit cross
Having my self hung like a fugitive who\'s hope is aloof,
In such forlorn nature where life would be brutish,
Gnashingly coloured than that of nature state,

Just then you descended
With your heart so pure and green
At a time when hope was already becoming blurred
With your beauty so embedded in your character
And just then you blessed me with your heart
Just to end my century of search,
For you were the Search.

@Hammed Adeniyi Rilwan Esq.