Aa Harvey

A lie about a lie

A lie about a lie



A lie about a lie…

I will never have enough time, to read between the lines.

Good news everybody!  We are all out of time!

Say goodbye to your life and kiss your lovers goodbye.



Drowning in lies when you can’t help living;

The truth has caught up with you and the end is coming.

Don’t believe the truth, but continue sinning,

Because what cause can cause you to believe in anything?



She is so perfect, in my eyes.

She is so honest, she wouldn’t lie.

She is deceiving you, here comes your surprise!

Your love is one of many; her love is a lie.



John and Yoko sitting in bed made me think,

Of peace, love and empathy and then it was dead.

You and I walking in different directions made me sink.

The truth has been exposed and now I cannot escape from this head.



You\'re not what I had in mind; well not this time.

My hope for all that you could have been?  It has surely died.

In every one of your many lies, you took another piece of my pride.

In every word you spoke under a hand,

You stole away the last pieces of my broken mind.



(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.