For the last 20 years (16 to 36) I*ve enjoyed the poignancy of these awesome Lyrics by Charles Aznavor but I never really understood understood the depth of their meaning until I got married (3 MONTHS AGO)  and actually lived with a Lady for the first time ! 

When GOD created ADAM he created someone majestic & powerful - single minded - ambitious & strong. With a determination to win & succeed whatever the cost.

When (later) GOD created EVE His blueprint was much more subtle - A much more flexible Being who could complement (and subdue ?) ADAMS single mindedness and overpowering ambition.  EVES physical form was cooler and more appealing & sensuous to the touch. Her Brain was better wired - she could multitask ! GOD gave HER the ability to conceive and bear Children (Yin & Yang) inside her for 9 months - til they were ready to face the World with the Love of EVE & the Loving Support of ADAM.  Every Daughter of Eve has infinite Skill in Art & Music & Creativity all that was needed to create HOME ot of a few Branches & Mud !  While   every Son of Adam still does what he does best - Goes out & Hunts & Gathers and lays his spoils at His Wifes Feet and sleeps in His Chair until supper is Ready and She graciously lets Him CARVE and chose the WINE. It was  ever thus and ever will be but Im just beginning to learn ~ AMEN !    


I*ve only ever had one WIFE

So far she is the BEST !

Brought Love & Joy into my LIFE

And made my House a NEST !


We are both in our Thirties - hence

We*re old enough to know

Our minds - we*re no more on the fence

Joy in our Love we show ! 


She*s a gracious Lady - at Work 

& Play - all Her adore

The - Hard tasks she will never shirk

Tough problems NOT ignore ! 


She*s my best Friend - Wife & Lover

Her skills are manifold

She*ll sing & dance - like no other

She*s worth her weight in GOLD !


Soon we*ll have Children - Girl & Boy 

In loving Home to care

With Smokey Cat in Harmony 

Our TRUE LOVE we will share !


Thanks for visiting comments welcome LOVE Angela Brian Smokey


BALLADS are mainly Love Songs !  This tribute to Angela is presented as FIVE rhyming Quatrains (abab  cdcd etc) with a fixed  8 6 8 6 meter. Ballads were composed to be sung and ORCHEDII will have a Tune for this ONE - Enjoy.