One love

Race war and a global pandemic yet my identity crisis is at an all time high,

The world loves me and hates me both at the same damn time,

And I

don’t know who I want to be.

I mean

Scratch that

I should say I don’t know which me I’m allowed to be.


When I’m in the driveway dribbling and shooting with the guys,

The whole neighborhood watches with love and adoration in their eyes,

But in that same neighborhood

Those same neighbors show that taking a walk down the street can be unwise.

A Sunday stroll could end up earning me a Monday in jail.

No bail,

Just a delayed release....


they love and they hate me....


They Love to hate me,

Yet Hate to love the culture thats in me.

The culture that get shamed publicly,

But emulated and imitated in secrecy.


It hurts

To know that the teachers who were so happy I was in class and not in the streets,

Are also the same parents protesting their kids being in a class taught by me.

Love to see me try,

But hate to see me succeed.

Love to see me cry,

But hate to see me proceed.

I guess I should just be stagnant like race relations in America.

No peace...

At least not Until we Rest In Peace.

Even then I’m not sure if we’re Allowed to dream the American dream.

A winning team  Plays together despite all odds.

Maybe one day we can pray together and God will reserve ALL of our spots.

One love.....