L. B. Mek

of Delicate, delights

propelled as fate\'s skimmed pebbles, surfing Cupid\'s waves

maple-hue horizons, drowning solitude isles

realised wishes, on a shoreline of swaying marram shoots


in-step upon steep stairs

of give-way sand patches, crumbling barriers

weary, tiptoed stealth - nothing rushed  


bites, of barely felt finger brushes

sips of witty verbal volleys

as intertwined silhouettes: Bachata 

across glistening pavements


blinks, as archaic practices

every scene - UHD clear, without glassed distance

monsoon of exposed wire sensations


untouched, blushing ears - blooming heat

a word - for five-minute silences, talkative 

enthralled, within each syllable’s perfect placement


lips, daring to striptease 

surrender flag - keys

veins, as techno beat DJ\'s 

deep end diving - heterochromia brevity  


\'candyfloss gliding\' as blog entry headings  

lost, to exhilaration\'s grip - anticipating 

‘Godfather II’ calibre: second helpings



© L. B. Mek 

June 2020