Kevin Michael Bloor


I found her in a field of corn,
a faerie-featured, frightened fawn.
A blonde-haired beauty, breathing love,
who’d fell, like star, from gods above.

She seemed so fair, full grown in form,
yet silent, like before a storm.
Until she spoke, which caused the trees
to tremble. Then the summer breeze

began to move, caress her face,
play with her hair, and then embrace
her body, born from thunderbolt,
(they said, that struck near sea of salt.)

She asked me if I knew her name,
and had I heard about her fame.
I shook my head, but then I blushed.
For she flung back her hair, unbrushed

and bared her beauty, newly born.
Then like a blazing star at dawn
she radiated light and heat,
and as I looked upon her feet

I glimpsed a holy halo round;
she did not tread upon the ground!
Instead, she trod upon the air,
and smiled, but I could only stare.

This vision; for that’s what it seemed,
then faded, like a dream I’d dreamed,
and in its place I saw a girl,
whose hair was straight, no goddess curl!

Her feet, now stood upon the field,
to human nature she did yield.
Deprived of deathless form divine
was only way she could be mine!