WE SHOULD EXPLAIN ~ That  FIDO (ORCHIDEES Dog) is on Vacation ~ and has asked SMOKEY CAT to deputise for Him as MPS *18* ADJUDICATOR !  Being a CAT ~ Smokey is much more Gentle & Tolerant than FIDO ~ who can be quite aggressive ! You will observe the in His Photoshoot (above) Smokey is wearing an Orange Striped ONZIE ! This is a cunning disguise ~ As Dick Whittingtons Cat ~  because as an *18* ADJUDICATOR ~ He has to be incognito ! He has a charming Smile and a Purring Persuasion to ingratiate Members to add an *18* if their Odd Ode contains verbiage that might be unsuitable for ~ or offensive to Children ! We love DON WILLIAMS *I Believe in You* & We guess in a way it is Our Mantra for posting on MPS ~ which is why we have included it with this *tongue in cheek* Poem. ENJOY !  Love to All - ANGELA - BRIAN - SMOKEY CAT ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’™   


FIDO is Orchidees DOG ~ who always Censures

All the Poems that appear on MPS

He is straight to the point ~ Dogs have no Finesses

If you fail to add *18* ~ You*re in a MESS !


Dogs are so protective ~ barking @ the Postie

Fido will not tolerate any *Naughty Words*

Smokey is more subtle ~ floats round like a Ghostie

But he can detect *erotic* from *absurd*


So please do not expect Smokey to be worse than Fido

He will be more tolerant to use of *Damn & Blast*

He wont lose His cool ~ if you mention LIB - IDO

He will analyse the context ~ before *18* is asked


So if you have felt threatened by Fido *Censor Dog*

If you say B*G*E* Hes barking in your FACE

And B*G*E*R aint a swearword in the States !

And one New Member was balled *OUT* for usin* SNOG !


Censorship is excellent ~ to protect the Young

New Members off the SITE ~ we sure dont want to chase

If a Poem is *EROTIC* then an *18* should be hung

But saying K*I*K*R* in a Jokey way ~ is not the case ! 


Thanks for visit comments welcome Love ANGELA & BRIAN


Having an *18* Code to warn Children that a Poem contains *Adult Content is a good thing because *erotic* Poems on MPS are not censored ~ it is an Open Site. Paradoxically if Brian & I consider one of our Poems ~ requires an *18* it generally gets more visits !  *Esta es la Vida*  Amor a Todos ~ Angela - Brian - Smokey ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›