Pardon me tonight

I feel a bit weary

Eyes shut but not shut

The door slightly ajar

Or if you prefer slightly but not fully shut

A lot on my mind like a revolving door

Ain’t those annoying ?

Difficult to decide who comes in first

Me or them?

I feel weary

Heart loaded and pregnant with thoughts


Seems like deja vu

We back where it all started

At the bridge with candles and wishes high as horses

They say come  off your high horse

I say I’m 6ft 3 and i Like to take my time

The road so familiar

We know where the speed cameras are

The speed bumps

And  that annoying green house with the yellow window

C’mon who does that !

I feel a bit weary

I’m now watching from afar

I see the rainbow

I see the clouds

I see the planes

And I’m wondering

Where does life take me to next.