Fountain of Hope

        I was on that road

to the fountain of Hope

I walked fast ;I walked slow

I tarried a bit and ran a little

I saw many on that road

They looked tired and weary

They looked about to let go

I asked one

I said “friend how long have you been here”

“All my life ;all day all night”

I was told the fountain wasn’t far away

But the more I tired the more I went astray

I saw young and I heard old

I saw voluptuous and I saw thin

I saw bags,bins and baggages

With labels on them like

“ I give up” ”I can’t make it”

I looked up and I looked down

I saw hope and I embraced life

The fountain was close and it was near

I said to my self

“Boy you just have to keep on walking “

Sometimes it’s crooked

Sometimes it’s straight

But with a little push

 a little pull

It’s not far the fountain of Hope.