The Uneducated O.A.P

Man Is Stupid

We went to Cornwall last week

But I\'m not going to write about the beauty

That\'s been done

Millions of times

Rubbish left in lay bys

But that is not why man is stupid

Beaches covered in plastic,tins and used barbys

But that is not why man is stupid

Well, maybe, a bit

Man is going into space

To look for minerals

To keep man going

And this is why man is stupid

What\'s he going to do when the first planet runs out

Move on to the next?

Then the next

Until there\'s non left to plunder

And I looked around Cornwall

People, heads down 

Making useless calls on mobiles

Is that you love?

Be there in a mo

Put kettle on

Then I turned

To look at our dieselholic  motor caravan

2 laptops,2 mobiles, microwave, etc etc

You are reading this

On what?

I am stupid

Man is stupid

What are you willing to give up

To save the planet?