dusk arising

The tale of Louise rabbit and Roland the hedgehog


Louise was everso fussy about leaves,
for she liked them so fresh and quite juicy.
All the better to keep her nimble and slim
not too heavy like big sister Lucy.

She\'d found new patch of fresh dandies
past the daffs and out under the hedge.
Down a concrete path that hurt her feet
thru a gate propped shut with a wedge.

Munch and crunch she\'d chew all day
unaware of what else was around
when all of a sudden her ears went up
for she had heard a very strange sound.

Scramble and scrunch and snuffly sniff
sure enough somethings coming her way,
and - oh cor crikey - it came into view saying
\"I am Roland the Hedgehog, good day!\"

Oh my, oh my, what a very strange chap  
not at all the sort of fellow she likes.
For, although he seemed very respectable,
he was covered all over in spikes!     

\"Good morning dear mr hedgehog\"
said  louise whilst sniffing a rose
she\'d noticed Rolands cutest of eyes
and his wiggle-de-piggle-de nose.

\"I don\'t suppose you have seen\"  he began
\"a tortoise with a big yellow brolly
of dearie oh me, seems ive lost him you see,
we were chased that  big next doors\' collie\".

Now Louise had been chased by that collie
but she could run just as fast as could be.
Just as well cos collie chased all that he saw
from his kennel below the oak tree.

With her wibbley nose, her bobbley tail
and ears so fine and so long,
Louise had captured poor Rolands heart
and he began to sing her this song.
             \" Oh Louise sweet bunny from under the hedge
               with your whiskers so fine and so smart
               would  you dance with this spikey young hedgehog
               for i\'m afraid you\'ve stolen my heart \"

They danced on the lawn by the patio
to the coo of a blue turtle dove
and louise the rabbit was swept off her feet
having fallen so deeply in love.

The snails and the doormice applauded.
Four squirrels all danced in a ring.
The tortoishell cat threw up his top hat
and they all  began to sing.

          \" hoo-rah, hoo-rah, for spike and miss bunny
            for they dance together so well.
            We do declare there is love in the air
            and to where it shall lead who can tell \"

The gerbil and the chihuahua
had prepared an impromptu meal,
there was lobster and flounder
             and a beef quarter pounder
and of course a large jellied eel.

The drinks were provided by Muriel
and a cocker-poo spaniel called Tosh.
There was bubbly coke to tickle the throat
and plenty of cold orange squash.
As the shadows began to grow longer      
the owl played a flute in the tree
and standing before sweet lulu his love
Roland hedgehog went down on one knee.

\"I know that im not a rich hedgehog
and I dont have many comforts in life,
i\'m asking you meekly, for I love you so deeply
Louise would you please be my wife\"

The smile that then greeted young Roland
gave each of his spikes such a thrill.
There was no diguise, the love in her eyes
she said \"yes my dear Roland I will\"