L. B. Mek

black lives matter: Too

is that better

has that additional word

addressed your bruised sensibilities?


All lives matter, indeed

but not all lives need to campaign, from one generation to the next

just to be afforded more ‘rights’, ‘considerations’ or outright verification

of their status as ‘fellow’ human beings, to be acknowledged

to be rewarded: the very equality

they inherited from that first breath.


Is ‘black’ the most significant word in that hashtag, or ‘matter’

as-in, that very same thing that the entire known universe is steeped in

as-in, that very same atom grouping that forms All human beings

as-in, that divisive ‘subject’ - ‘notion’, humanity has been battling

from its very creation:

that one life, is somehow superior to another.


Slavery abolished; apologies made, Ku Klux Klan: broken up

paying for their forefather’s mistakes

it just needs time, ‘they’re doing what they can, right?’

Look at the tick boxes, on application forms

and minimum diversity percentage requirements in workplaces

surely, progress is being made?


Only, ‘broken-up’ is not quite broken-down and out?


Only, ‘paying-for’ still, in 2020 has no mention of Reparations, or why

‘Special Field Orders No. 15’, was reversed – in just two years, or why

‘Henrietta Wood’ remains, a solitary case?


Only, those ‘tick boxes’ and diversity percentage targets tell companies of the minimum

and their stats year on year hover just over that figure, somehow – by sheer coincidence

only rising when government laws increase that minimum threshold, by force…


Some, mindless self-serving individuals, choose to riot and not protest with their fellow kind

(you’ll see the consequences as front-page covers, aside ‘clean-up bill’ headlines)

some, will let their emotions command their actions and cause isolated cases of infractions

some, will be overwhelmed by years of suppressed frustrations: will ‘lash-out’ and ‘act-out’

but most, will walk - walking-on from where the last mass protest’s progressions, faltered

cooled or were outright impeded.


Comparisons aplenty in history’s dust, so we too empathise

with others whose heritage is stamped with our plight, but excuse us

if we’re utilising blinkered goggles for our navigation

as we’re still waiting

to see the Sea’s - part and pave a path for an end

to the systemic oppression: reality, of our everyday life!


© L. B. Mek

June 2020