What is strength? Strength is cutting the ropes that depression placed on you so you couldn\'t start your day. It\'s not giving up after the masses laughed in your face. Strength is living after someone took away your confidence and dignity on your parent\'s couch. It\'s loving and trusting someone after past people put true fear in your eyes and told you not to tell. Strength doesn\'t always mean you can lift buildings and cars, it\'s something much more powerful and painful than that. You aren\'t born strong, you\'re forced to be it. Believe me when I say this, you can try to knock these type of people down, but they power through the hurt and suffering. A lot of them you wouldn\'t even know until you truly open your ears and listen.
It took me such a long to admit and believe this, but I am strong. I hurt and I still get up every morning. I had to re learn that not every guy is a predator. I cry over remembering what a limp body feels like. I remember everything, but I refuse to let trauma take over me and win. All of us who carry strength refuse to let it win. Don\'t let it win.