dusk arising

la mer

Some love to sail it,
some to harvest it,
and some to play in it.
Me....  i just want to
look at it and wonder.
That sea, home to a
population completely
oblivious to you and me
save for a few dolphins
and whales.
And I aint ready yet
to pay them no
home visits.
I go into the sea
like a fish out of water.
That stuff will kill me
easy as falling over
and it has a hundred
different ways to do it.
Oh sure I\'ll stand
and watch it\'s waves
while he sun shines down
but i aint too keen on
that sun neither.
No. For me gimmie
a day when the wind storms
and that sea boils
smashing angrily
on rocks and
wrecking coast roads.
Then tell me we\'re
masters of the planet!
Stand me next to
shipwrecked Sam who
still sets out to trawl
and i\'ll defer to him,
or call him madman.
No sir. Plant my feet
on firm ground and
i\'ll put up with all the
evils around me cos
other than getting
knocked down by a bus
those same evils and
a hundred more
are a waiting to
take me down out
at sea to someplace
I don\'t want to go.
Out there on the
belly rolling son of
bitch, sea sick ocean.
God bless ya
captain Birds-Eye
and pass me a plate
of hot battered haddock
fresh as the freezer
thermostat will give.
Oh, and ice cream afters.
Call me \'land lover\', Ishmael.