Alan .S. Jeeves

Flight Of Might

Fly you high, a graceful bird

We speak about you yet;

Soaring o\'er the clouded blue

Lest we should forget.

You dive and swoop then rise again

Adroit in every way

A drifting gliding sight to see

Though still a bird of prey.


Tail upright and wings aspread

As through the clouds you dip

Winging o\'er the air waves

Fleet from tip to tip.

Your beating, faithful, merlin heart

Performs her loyal chore,

Driving, powering on and on

Amid the mighty roar.


So here\'s to you fair Spitfire

And Mitchell here\'s to you.

And raise a glass to cheer them

And here\'s to you the few.

Then turn and fly off windward

And end your airborne show;

And leave in blazing glory

But wave before you go.