This Poem is based on a UK Survey asking ADULTS what they most & least missed about having to Work @ Home instead of the Office.  Brian & I have no experience of this because you cant *Manipulate a Patient* or *Conduct Scientific Experiments* without the Patients or the Students ! The picture shows Builders completing a Roof on a House ~ You cant build Houses from Home. The video is a remarkable performance of  *Ole Man River* by Sammy Davies Jnr.  It reminds us that for some People the *World of Work* is still very demanding and unrewarding and the type of Work that cannot be done from Home.  Love Angela & Brian XOXOX



What do You miss most each DAY ?

Chattin* with Colleagues ~ we haven*t seen

Sittin* in Meetings and havin* our SAY !


BRIAN & I ~ We cant *Work from Home* 

Because both our Jobs are *Hands on*

You cant give a Massage ~ over the phone

And Practical Science in a Lab must be done !


*Dressing for Work* is a thing People miss

And dining together for Lunch

The *Smell of the Office\" dont fill some with bliss

And the Bosses Jokes always lack Punch !


Working from Home has its downside

Feedin* & Playin* with Cats & with Dogs

Havin* to *Home School* the Kids runnin* wild

Runnin* the Household & choppin* up Logs !


The best plan of all ~ and with this folks agree

Mon - Wed & Friday ~ workin* at WORK

Tuesday & Thursday HOME ~ seems good to me

Ive a GYM in our Garden for *Physical Jerk* !


Working @ Home takes the strain out of Travel

But for BRIAN ~ His Science (for H & S) in a LAB

Most of our Work we just cant unravel

I cant give ACUPUNCTURE ~ with a Virtual Jab !


Thanks for visit comments welcome Love Angela ๐Ÿงก Brian ๐Ÿ’™


What are your experiences of *Working from Home* ~ Furloughing (Brian had to do it ~ three days a week while the College was closed to Students) and what most Parents dread *Home Schooling* !