Fay Slimm.






We pair of home-comers
built from painful baggage a water-tight dream,

we painted an idyll of walled delight.

A bright corner where care could cover old scars.

Oh that happy hand-in-glove fit of regenerative
pleasure which we dared to admit

into the picture of autumnal love.

Such easy laughter sparked need to spend more
new-found treasure in glad togetherness.

Fresh as youth the stream we dug from aridity.

Your tenderness stoked heat
in forgotten feelings, blazed pathways to places
I had never been

and seared heaven into every greeting.

So gentle our mountain
of unleashed freedom that time gave us chance

to climb new heights.

I thrived in sweet air of acceptability.

You re-sculpted sallow existence, blushed my
pallid future, accessed the girl inside
and unfastened this

latched-up former conformist.

You let loose love\'s abandon and I did not refuse.

Beautiful man your breath
warmed every fold of compatible essence, toned
any slack in my short-sighted outlook
and de-misted

smeared myopic signals.

Duo-passion oiled and honed rarely used action
so we could reach bliss.

Our union was something greater than physical
and that better otherness I shall

always remember.

No ocean of parting can break devotion\'s deep
integrity and I know for certain

we shall meet again.

Oh unforgettable man 
you stole into destiny, enraptured my soul and

now you hold it forever.