Romantic Bloom

Clerihews- comic verses

Oh Little Miss Muffet!
Her belly, couldn’t really stuff it
The spider said “No way”
Could she eat the curds and whey

Whose is that, Batman?\" 🦇 
He’s looking like a Cat man
With all those kittens
He’s behaving rather smitten

Humpty Dumpty
He’s Looking rather Lumpy 
He fell out of his 🛌 bed 
Now he’s sporting a bump on his head

Oh Lady Godiva
In the pool she would dive, ya! 🏊‍♀️ 
But she Forgot she was bare
Now everyone stares

There was a cat named Billy 🐈 
Who acted really silly
He would play with his tail
When he Bit it, he would wail

There’s an old mourning dog 🐕 
Whose mine is in a fog
He barks in his sleep
and in the morning does weep

The was a clever fly  🦟 
Was always raiding food on the sly
The spider was wiser
Jumped on him like a geyser