L. B. Mek

of comforting, Irish Goodbyes

to preserve individuality, we must

tail-gait society at a safe distance

never succumbing to the fate of cows

in Longfellow’s ‘A psalm of life’, who

allow their heads to be degraded

in their yearning’s march: to be included


so, at times if you find yourself

on a sudden holiday - for one

or harbour ambitions, to escape

your dinner party - midway: know

that you’re not alone, nor

will you ever be


just, don’t let go of those threads to society

that part of you is tethered-to

and you’ll return, someday

for that heroic reunion

or merely, a conversation or two

with your local barkeep


it’s all just a part

of what makes you: You

and that’s all

you need ever be, too



© L. B. Mek

June 2020