A relationships death

Goodnight kisses, giggles and hugs,

You call him your baby and he calls you his drug.

The thought of him has you in a daze as he stares into your eyes with a loving gaze.

A month passes and things start to get tough.

You notice he\'s changed, he\'s become aggressive and rough.

You talk a lot less and fight a lot more as you cry while he\'s slamming the door.

You sit yourself down thinking about how he\'s changed.

The relationship is sinking and is now scary and deranged.

You\'re afraid and shaking with tears in your eyes asking yourself when did he become this guy?

You feel so alone and wondered why until you found out he was cheating and caught him in a lie.

You wanted it to work so you held on for long despite everything that went so wrong.

Eventually you call him up and say that you\'re leaving.

He calls you a bitch as he\'s lieing and screaming.

The flame has died and there\'s absolutely nothing left.

The love is long gone causing it to be a relationship\'s death.

Future relationships are now hard to handle because he stole the fires that lit your candle.

He got what he wanted, it took awhile to see.

The whole experience left you with PTSD.