They say

The world lay still in front of me.

Aware I am,

of the challenges I continuously battle.

They say, they say why stop here, progress on youngster.

There is more were that came from,

a youngster like you can do it all they say.

They say, nay say is all they like to say.

 Enough, enough will never be,

it craves attention.

A world we live in, trapped in the shadows of our predecessors.

We say doctor;

 they say Lawyer.

We say lawyer;

they say executive entrepreneur.

They say be what makes you happy.

Happiness is key.

I can do it all and so much more,

the matter of it all is that passion lacks thereof. 

At the end of the day it matters not what they say,

but what I say.

 By: Tyra B Williams