Fay Slimm.

Seize Now



Seize Now.


Our written past we darken
when in looking back we search
for its unpardoned errors

which turn on the many.

Our day-bed of rest is wasted
by rephrasing each gone attempt
to communicate self-hood

either for or against.

But waking we best seize Now
with both hands raised ready to
dart lax offence-guilt

and let love have its head.

We make Kings from deceit,
Lords out of treachery then
Queens from hurt feelings

if real feels unsteady.

Stalking the past, thoughtful
marks gems from awareness
and scatters fresh stardust

over falsehood\'s regret.

Our written record tho\' smeared
with error is preferably seen
as a learning curve given

that appears Heaven-sent.