Refreshing Renewal - Isaiah Series (7)

Tune: Halton Holgate

(\'Firmly I believe and truly\')

Isaiah 43 v.18-21


The LORD says, Remember you not

The former things, old days lot

Dwell not on them, stay not in past

I do new thing that shall last


Now it shall spring forth, and shall you

Not know it, and it you view?

I will make way in wilderness

Dry, barren places  I bless


For I make rivers in desert

Bring comfort, not harm or hurt

Beasts of field, they shall honour me

Desert creatures too shall see


Shall see my workings, I shall give

Waters, rivers, so shall live

My people, my chosen they be

They shall quench their thirst full, free


This people now I have formed for

Myself, they be mine for sure

They shall show forth, declare my praise

To me worship and thanks raise