Joe Dawson

Where a wise child never ventures


Where a ghost would never haunt alone,

Where a witch would never wander,

Where a banshee cried, ‘turn back, turn back’,

Much evil dwells up yonder’.


Where worms desert, and snakes escape,

Where zombies carry lanterns,

Where something thrives without a light,

No wick, no match, no candles.


Where ghouls spring from the sodden earth,

Where no one’s safe at night,

Where objects hurtle through the air,

Thrown by a poltergeist.


Where a wise child never ventures,

Where dark streets are taboo,

Where you never know what’s watching,

And might have its eye on you.


Where shadows tread an aimless path,

Where nightmares kidnap dreams,

Where all the things you thought were myths,

Come alive, come Hallowe’en.


© Joseph G Dawson